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Influencer Information

 Hey so you have found your way to our influencer page! We take it you love our shop as much as us. Well who doesn’t love a good deal right? We don’t like the whole we give you something for free and you throw up a grid post pretending you love it for your followers.. we want to be authentic and real and grow at our own pace with the right people who share the same values as us; we are a little old school like that. We want you to become part of the Bohambinos family! So we offer more of an ambassador role. If you are looking for a quick free deal this probably isn’t the role for you as it’s more on a loyalty basis for both us and yourself and we don’t care how many followers you have or if your a hashtag genius!                           

 How it works

 We offer a 10% code for your first purchase; generate you a personal code of your choosing, with a deal of 10% off to share with family and friends. Once it’s been used ten times - you gain £5 off...there is no limit to what you can earn it’s truly down to how much you promote your own code (it even counts when you use it yourself) and the more it’s used the more surprises you will earn along the way! We will check in with you every time you earn a discount and you can either bank it and save it up with us or you can spend it whenever you want.. the longer you stay on our ambassador programme and the more your code is used the more we will reward you with surprises as a thankyou from us to you.


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